Laura Lannen

B r i d a l   D e s i g n   S t u d i o
An enchanting entourage of artistry and ingenuity
     Laura Lannen's Bridal Design Studio offers custom made Bridal Gowns in the Traverse City area and beyond...  Her Bridal Studio creates one-of-a-kind Wedding Dress designs, or can duplicate a Wedding Dress from a picture. 
     She also has a Vintage Wedding Dress collection with Antique Dresses, Headpieces, and Veils from the early 1900's Edwardian era (including Vintage Bridal Gowns from the 1920's - 1950's and forward).  
     Even if you already have a gown, Laura's Bridal Design Studio provides Bridal Alterations, Lace-up Back Conversions, Bustles, and Re-design style solutions.
​     Laura says "Sewn into everything I do is a thread of elegance, harmony, and grace...  along with a little whisper of laughter". 
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